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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Richie B. Keep the batteries for that jacket?
A. It does not use batteries...he charges it in an electrical outlet overnight.

Q. Why does Richie B's hands look so large in this picture?
A. Its an optical illusion. Actually Richie B's hands are really small. It's a miracle that he can perform magic at all. Thats all I'm saying about small hands.

Q. Can you float like David Blaine or Criss Angel?
A. Absolutely. Not only is Richie B. floating in this picture...He cut himself in half at the same time. Lets see Blaine or Angel do that.

Q. Can you make my wife disappear?
A. Yes. Very simple. Just shop at the same clothing store Richie B. shops in. She will be gone..."poof"...just like magic.

Ok...Here Are The Serious Questions

Q. Do I need to provide you with anything for your magic show?
A. Yes...Just an audience. Richie B. has everything else needed to put on a great show. He has various sound systems, backdrops, and don't forget that awesome Red Jacket....oh and the Magic.

Q. If I book you for my wedding, will you show up wearing that Red Jacket?
A. Only if you want Him to. Come on, admit it you really dig the jacket. Actually he will dress accordingly for each different  type of event. At a "black tie affair" or wedding he will wear a tuxedo. At a more casual function, he will dress down a bit, but most always wears a sports jacket. Richie B. might have to start upcharging for the Red Jacket request.

Q. How much space do you need to perform your childrens show in my home?

A. Richie B. uses approximately a 8ft X 8ft space to set up his show...but don't worry, he is a professional. He can adapt to most any situation. Turning your living room into a small theater is a magic trick in itself.
Q. Will you perform your shows outdoors?
A. Richie B. has performed magic shows outdoors but does not recommend it. There are many reasons this is not a great idea...like bad weather, children getting overheated, and his magic props blowing all over the place. Richie B. will have to change the show to conform to the weather conditions and this sometimes causes him to leave his best tricks out...like "Trixie The Magical Rabbit". She refuses to work in conditions above 85 degrees. She's in the Union. If it has to be outdoors...we can still work something out.

Q. How about "Trixie The Magical Rabbit"...why do you use a live animal in your show?
A. Trixie is Richie B's best friend. She is not just a prop in his show. He does everything possible to ensure she stays healthy and safe. Some magician's claim that they don't use live animals because it is cruel. Trust me...these guys just don't want to put in the extra effort to take care of the animal...and that is the real reason they don't use animals in the show. Trixie lives a very good life...and Richie B. kind of enjoys constantly picking up those little pellets.

Q. The big question...How much do you charge?
A. Richie B. does not post his prices on line for competitive purposes. There are also other factors that need to be discussed like travel distance, type of shows etc. Richie B. does offer a discount for multiple hours/shows that are booked. The best way to find out the cost is to contact Richie B. and click
Here. You could always call him at 856-767-0417 and find out how charming he really is.

Q. Does Richie B. Have insurance?
A. Are you kidding me? You know McDonalds has to put “Caution - Hot” on their coffee cups so no one “accidentally” gets burned. Richie B. has liability insurance through the “International Brotherhood of Magicans".

Q. Do you belong to any magical organizations?
A. Richie B. is a member of many magical organizations. The International Brotherhood of Magicians, Society Of American Magicians, Magicians Alliance of the Eastern States and 3 local magic clubs. He subscribes to 5 magic magazines and attends at least 1 magic lecture a month…oh, he also attends several magic conventions per year, has over 100 magic books in his library, has over 100 magic Videos/DVDs and buys every new trick that comes out on the market. How the heck does this guy make any money?

Q. Where can I see you perform live?
A. Richie B. does mostly private shows. In the future Richie B. will be posting public performances on the website so you can come out and enjoy the fun.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book?
A. The sooner the better. Most people plan shows on the weekend… so they can fill up pretty quickly. A good rule of thumb is a minimum 4-6 weeks in advance. Some repeat clients book 1 year in advance. Cancellations are always possible, so its always best to call no matter how much time there is before your event.

Q. How far do you travel to perform?
A. Richie B. mostly performs in the Philadelphia and South New Jersey area. He will travel anywhere…as long as you’re paying. It’s all about the Benjamins. I'm kidding...Because of his love for magic, he would perform for FREE...if he didn't have any bills.

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