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Restaurant Magic Performed

 Up Close and Personal!

NJ magician Richie B restaurant magic  Restaurant Entertainment
People typically choose a particular restaurant for 3 reasons; good food, fair pricing, and the atmosphere. I'm sure every restaurant strives to provide excellent food and competative pricing. But what about the atmosphere? That's where Richie B. comes in.
Richie B. is an award winning entertainer and has performed in many restaurants in the past 12 years, enhancing the dining experience of thousands of patrons. When Richie B. is hired to entertain at your restaurant he will become the “Good Will Ambassador” of the establishment.
He will communicate with the wait staff any issues the patrons may have to ensure that they are enjoying the evening, while at the same time performing "first class" magical entertainment. Below are answers to some questions that General Managers may have regarding hiring Richie B. to entertain in their restaurant. 
       Why Is Richie B. A Professional Restaurant Magician? 

* He understands that the main reason people go to a restaurant is to eat and the entertainment is to enhance the evening.

* He knows how to greet a table of guests with courtesy and a certain “charm” to make them feel special. He is never intrusive.

* He will never get in the way of servers and will usually approach the table after the guests have ordered their meal, and perform “before” the food arrives.

* He knows the importance of “turning tables” in a restaurant environment. Therefore, he will never hold a table up with a magical performance.

* He can turn guest's special day such as a birthday or anniversary into a very memorable event.

* Most of all, he is there to be part of the restaurant staff, to ensure that the guests are catered to and to enhance the ambiance.
                         Why Hire A Magician For Your Restaurant ?
* It’s unique live entertainment.

* Word of mouth recommendations increases traffic, brings repeat business and generates publicity.

* People who really enjoy their dinner, cocktails, and entertainment spend more money.

* Magic can be a diversion if meals are delayed. Send Richie B. to the rescue!

* Guests waiting to be seated can be entertained, avoiding them from leaving because of a long wait.

* Your patrons won’t come for just the meals, they’ll come for the entire EXPERIENCE!

NJ magican Richie B restaurant magic

Some people believe that magic is only appealing to children. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although Richie B. really loves performing for children, he has an extensive repertoire which includes sophisticated sleight of hand magic that is geared toward adults. Therfore, Richie B. can adapt his magic for any type of restaurant, from “family oriented” to “upscale” establishments.

Just about every restaurant has an entertainment budget. Richie B. is confident that your restaurant will receive great value for your dollar, and his magic will set you apart from the competition
Call me today. You'll be glad you did!

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